A New Method for Computing Dynamic ATC

M. Eidiani (Iran)



This paper presents a fast dynamic method for ATC calculations with considering transient stability analysis (TSA) and voltage stability analysis (VSA) termination criteria. This method can be used for contingency screening and ranking. Estimation of the determinant of Jacobian matrix is used for assessment of voltage stability. This method is compared with the following methods: energy difference between SEP (Stable Equilibrium Point) and UEP (Unstable Equilibrium Point), ts index of Chiang, and continuation power flow. TSA method use Athay's PEBS (Potential Energy Boundary Surface) and a new method named POMP. The POMP method follows the Point Of Maximum Potential (POMP) energy on postfault system trajectory. This point is approximated by Taylor's expansion of second order. Since this method doesn't use any convergent algorithm, it is more reliable than all existing methods that use UEP. The goals of this method are assessment of ATC with considering VSA and TSA simultaneously and assessment of dangerous contingencies. The ideas are demonstrated on 2, 3, 7 (Cigre), 10, 30 (IEEE) and 145 (Iowa State) bus networks.

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