Hopf Bifurcation Related Oscillatory Instabilities between Geographically Scattered Clusters in Interconnected Power Systems

Y. Genç (Turkey), H. Schättler, and J. Zaborszky (USA)



In this paper, we study Hopf bifurcation related oscillatory instabilities occurring between or caused by geographically scattered clusters (regions or sections) of interconnected power systems. Besides the local instabilities within geographically evident power system areas, and the instabilities between them, the operating points and control units or parameters that are selected for geographically scattered clusters can also induce instabilities throughout the system. This kind of oscillatory instabilities is related to Hopf bifurcations of the electromechanical modes associated with the dynamics between the clusters. By calculations of feasibility regions, which are defined as the sets of operating points at which the system can be operated without losing stability, we investigate the presence and conditions for oscillatory instabilities. The feasibility boundary segments that are corresponding to instabilities between geographically scattered clusters are identified. Thus for a safe and stable operation against oscillatory instability caused by any section of an interconnected system is studied in a systematic way. The approach proposed in the paper is demonstrated on a reduced order simplified model of New York - New England interconnected system.

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