Allocation of FACTS Devices to Enhance Dynamic Performance of Multi-Machine Power Systems

D. Menniti, A. Pinnarelli, and N. Sorrentino (Italy)



An important problem in the use of FACTS based stabilisers in multi-machine power system is their optimal allocation with respect to an opportune criterion. Moreover, it becomes also important to choose the feedback control input signals for the stabilisers present in the transmission network in order to avoid negative interactions among them. In this paper, an approach is so proposed, consisting of two sequential stages: (i) allocation procedure for valuing the optimal FACTS location in the network, and (ii) feedback control input signals selection for FACTS and Power System Stabilizers to assure the coordination between them. The proposed approach, differently respect to the conventional ones, quantifies the interactions existing between machines and FACTS devices using the interconnected model proposed by the authors in [1]. Some non-linear simulations on an IEEE multi-machine test power system are carried out verifying the goodness of the implemented approach.

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