Impacts of Distributed Synchronous Generators on Inter-Area Oscillatory Stability

Ý. Genç and Ö. Usta (Turkey)



Integration of distributed generation is continually and gradually affecting the stability of interconnected power systems. In this paper, the impacts of distributed synchronous generators on the inter-area oscillatory stability of interconnected power systems are studied. In various parameter sub-spaces of interest, feasibility regions can be computed to determine the conditions to sustain a stable operation of the system. As we compute the feasibility boundaries associated with Hopf bifurcations of electromechanical oscillatory modes, under different loading conditions we study the impacts of the distributed generators on the oscillatory stability of the system. Penetrations of the distributed generators can cause inter-area oscillatory instabilities if the operating conditions are not selected accordingly. Calculations of the feasibility regions serve us as a guide to guarantee stable operation for the system.

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