Optimal Sizing Cogeneration Power Plants using TOSCS Model

R. Hashemi and S.M.T. Bathaee (Iran)


CHCP, TOSCS, absorption chiller, optimal sizingCHP Module Fuel Unrecoverable HeatElectrical Load Thermal LoadGas Boiler Absorption ChillerThermal Storage UnitRefrigerationCooling LoadFig


In this paper, capacities of combined heat and cold and power (CHCP) system components have been determined optimally using a linear programming model called "TOSCS". The model includes CHP module, auxiliary gas boiler, and absorption chiller, purchased power quantity from utility. In fact, by solving this model we will determine the optimal capacities and types of mentioned components regarding both the amounts of electric, thermal, and cooling loads & finite capital investment. In the cost function of model, the total economic benefit of this system is maximized during total operation time. The results of optimal sizing model have been discussed technically and a case study has been investigated.

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