Process Design for E-Teaching with Streaming Media

F. Bodendorf, K.-U. Götzelt, M. Schertler, and M. Soy


E-teaching process, streaming media, lecture on demand, support systems


This paper proposes a process-oriented approach to manage and carry out e-teaching scenarios. First, a reference process model is described that sets up the framework for content production and delivery using streaming media technology. After that, the process phases designing and planning, creating, processing, and delivering are described in detail for both synchronous and asynchronous e- teaching approaches. Each phase is supported by special hardware and software systems. After the characterization of the e-teaching reference process model different types of outcomes are presented. Research results comprise a technology assessment, lessons learned, and the proof-of-concept regarding the e-teaching process. The paper ends with future trends and applications of mobile streaming media for educational purposes.

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