A Virtual Learning Environment for The Support of Learning in Technology Education

M. Lehtonen, G. Thorsteinsson, T. Page, and H. Ruokamo


Innovation Education (IE), Network-Based Education (NBE), Vir-tual Reality (VR), Design and Technology (D&T) education, peda-gogical models


This article provides an account of the development of a pedagogical model and an application for teaching, studying and learning with 3D Virtual Reality (VR) technologies for the support of innovation education on a Network-Based Education (NBE) (formerly called open and distance learning) basis. This work promotes an understanding of the implications and possibilities of virtual learning technologies in education for teachers, learners and educational decision-makers. Furthermore, this work aims to ensure that pedagogical considerations are given weight in the development of integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based learning services, while considering innovation and improved methods of educational use of integrated learning technology (ILT) for technology education.

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