Analytical Evaluation of Nonlinear Effects in MC-CDMA Signals

R. Dinis and P. Silva (Portugal)


MC-CDMA, nonlinear effects, Gaussian processes.


In this paper we present an analytical tool for the per formance evaluation of nonlinear effects in MC-CDMA signals. This tool takes advantage of the Gaussian-like behavior of MC-CDMA signals with a large number of subcarriers and employs results on memoryless nonlinear devices with Gaussian inputs so as to characterize statis tically the signals at the output of the nonlinear device. This characterization is then used for an analytical com putation of the SIR levels (Signal-to-Interference Ratio) and the BER performance (Bit Error Rate). A set of numerical results is presented and discussed, showing the accuracy of the proposed analytical BER per formance analysis.

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