Communication Systems and Applications    (CSA 2005)

July 19 – 21, 2005
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Editor(s): A.O. Fapojuwo
206 pages
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Track CDMA and OFDM Systems FreeSubscription
472-013 An Inter-Bit Correlation 2D Rake Receiver for DS-CDMA Communication System
C. Wan and A. Kong (Singapore)
472-020 Analytical Evaluation of Nonlinear Effects in MC-CDMA Signals
R. Dinis and P. Silva (Portugal)
472-021 SIC and PIC Multiuser Detection for Prefix-Assisted DS-CDMA Systems
P. Silva and R. Dinis (Portugal)
472-090 OFDM Transmission Resource Optimization in HMM-Fading Wireless Channels
K.A. Prince, B. Krongold, and S. Dey (Australia)
Track MIMO Systems FreeSubscription
472-019 Antenna Switch Diversity for MIMO Channel and Wireless Communications
S. Vasana (USA)
472-044 Multicarrier Modulation with the Discrete Cosine Transform
J. Danda, K. Loziak, M. Sikora, and R. Watza (Poland)
472-053 Efficient and Robust Multiuser Decision-Delay Selection Scheme in the MIMO TDMA System
J.-K. Hwang and R.-L. Chung (Taiwan)
472-058 Comparative Performance of an Enhanced Downlink SDMA based MIMO-OFDM System with a TDMA based MIMO-OFDM System
N.H. Dawod, R. Hafez, and I. Marsland (Canada)
472-112 Robust LS Channel Estimation with Phase Rotation for OFDM
C.H. Lim, D.S. Han, H.-S. Oh, and J.G. Kim (Korea)
Track Communications Theory and Systems FreeSubscription
472-010 Analysis of Probability Density Function based Adaptive Modulation Techniques in Non-Cooperative Communication Environment
W. Su and J.A. Kosinski (USA)
472-027 Performances of Two Error-Detection Algorithms in Wireless Channels
L. Goldfeld and D. Wulich (Israel)
472-028 A Pre-Averaging Method to Calculate SEP for MRC Reception of Rectangular M-QAM Signals in Rayleigh Fading Channels with Mixed Powers
R.Y. Yen, H.-Y. Liu, J.-S. Du, and T.E. Lee (Taiwan)
472-029 UMTS Rate Matching Optimization
E.R. Vale, J.C.B. Brandão, and M. Grivet (Brazil)
472-032 The Design and Implementation of High Performance Synchronization Server for Mobile Applications on Education
Y.-C. Lin, G.-L. Li, W.-T. Chen, and C.-C. Wang (Taiwan)
472-059 Outage Probability with Maximal Ratio Combining and Switch-and-Stay Diversity
S. Mukherjee (USA)
472-068 A Novel Digital Image Encryption Method based on DES
J. Zou, W. Zhong (PRC), and R.K. Ward (Canada)
472-086 Two-Level Data Broadcast Scheme for Remote Advertisement Broadcast System
B.-H. Lee and J.-H. Kim (Korea)
Track Services and Applications FreeSubscription
472-039 Korean User Attitude for Adoption of Portable Internet Services
K.-Y. Jee and M.-G. Kim (Korea)
472-063 Privacy Management Mechanism for Location based Application with High Performance
Y. Jang, C. Choi, and S. Kim (Korea)
472-066 Autonomic Location Detection Strategies for Ubiquitous Environment
H. Choi, C. Choi, and S. Kim (Korea)
472-105 Usage Behavior Profiling for Anomaly Detection using Vector Quantization
J. Zheng, M. Hu, and H. Zhang (PRC)
472-117 Evaluation Architecture for Digital Radio Mondiale Multimedia Applications
E. Coersmeier, A. Bauer, M. Kosakowski, N. Pfuhl, B. Spahl, D. Tolksdorf, Y. Xu, M. Gerharz, W. Hansmann, and F. Leder (Germany)
Track Network Protocols and Systems I FreeSubscription
472-030 Performance Evaluation of a Load Balancing Scheme in MPLS Network
A. Dana, A.K. Zadeh, and M.J. Akhlaghinia (Iran)
472-033 TCP Congestion Window Control on an ISCSI Read Access in a Long-Latency Environment
M. Toyoda, S. Yamaguchi, and M. Oguchi (Japan)
472-055 Site Multihoming and Provider-Independent Addressing using IPv6
D. Henrici, D. Prantl, and P. Müller (Germany)
472-057 Throughput Analysis of IP Data Transmission over Terrestrial ATSC DTV Channels
W. Li, G. Gagnon, H. Liu, and A. Vincent (Canada)
472-060 Comparative Analysis of Audio Coders and Packet-Loss Recovery
T.-K. Chua and D.C. Pheanis (USA)
472-070 Novel Routing Algorithm using Scale-Free Internet Topology
T. Ozeki and T. Haneda (Japan)
472-078 Mechanisms for Stateless Service Differentiation in Best-Effort Networks
A. Almeida and C. Belo (Portugal)
472-080 Hierarchical Inter-Domain Management for Networks with Condo-Switches
G.v. Bochmann (Canada)
472-082 A Novel Mobile Routing System for IPv6
L. Li and S. Abe (Japan)
472-084 An Artificial Intelligent CAC Scheme for Self-Similar Traffic using Fuzzy Case based Reasoning
A. Parvaresh, M.I. Kalantari, and A. Movaghar (Iran)
472-087 EDIVER: An Efficient Distance Vector Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
H.S. Hamza, S. Wu, and J.S. Deogun (USA)
472-098 Performance Evaluation of Active Networks through Different Network Models
E.D. Farahani and M. Fathy (Iran)
472-116 Performance Evaluation of Combined Buffering and Deflection Routing in Hierarchical Ring Interconnection Networks
A.B. Mnaouer and H.T.H. Chuan (Singapore)
472-120 Modelling Clustered Peer-to-Peer Networks
B. Forstner and H. Charaf (Hungary)
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This publication covers the following topics: CDMA and OFDM Systems; MIMO Systems; Communications Theory and Systems; Services and Applications; and Network Protocols and Systems.

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