SIC and PIC Multiuser Detection for Prefix-Assisted DS-CDMA Systems

P. Silva and R. Dinis (Portugal)


CDMA, multiuser detection, block transmission


In this paper we present iterative frequency-domain mul tiuser detection (MUD) receivers for the uplink transmis sion of direct sequence code division multiple access sys tems (DS-CDMA) that combine iterative block decision feedback equalization (IB-DFE) principles with interfer ence cancelation techniques. Both successive interfer ence cancelation (SIC) and parallel interference cancela tion (PIC) structures are considered. Our performance re sults show that the proposed receiver structures have excel lent bit error rate (BER) performances, that can be close to the single-user matched filter bound (MFB), even for fully loaded systems and severely time-dispersive channels.

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