Autonomic Location Detection Strategies for Ubiquitous Environment

H. Choi, C. Choi, and S. Kim (Korea)


Location Detection, Autonomic Mechanism, Ubiquitous Computing, QoS


The mobility of interconnected devices and users has implications for the QoS in a ubiquitous computing environment. Therefore, it is important for location aware systems to detect location of mobile object correctly and provide high quality services in ubiquitous environment. However, it is not easy that location aware systems offer highly reliable QoS to users because the detection process strategies of location aware systems are limited by the capability according to the applied target objects. In this paper, we design an autonomic architecture which analyzes the location aware system condition and autonomously chooses the best appropriate process strategy. We have also simulated the proposed architecture that provides higher QoS in variable bandwidth in order to verify its performance.

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