Evaluation Architecture for Digital Radio Mondiale Multimedia Applications

E. Coersmeier, A. Bauer, M. Kosakowski, N. Pfuhl, B. Spahl, D. Tolksdorf, Y. Xu, M. Gerharz, W. Hansmann, and F. Leder (Germany)


LS estimation, channel estimation, OFDM, interpolation, frame synchronization


A channel estimation technique is proposed with the least square (LS) based on a comb-type pilot estimator. The comb-type estimator uses an interpolator to obtain the channel information for the positions of data subcarriers. However, the interpolation method causes additional errors due to not only the estimation error but also the frame synchronization error. The characteristics of the LS estimator in the time-domain are investigated from the points of interpolation properties and frame synchronization error. Accordingly, a new channel estimator that uses the interpolated LS with consideration for avoiding errors by interpolation is proposed. In particular, the proposed estimator is robust to the single frequency network (SFN).

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