Novel Routing Algorithm using Scale-Free Internet Topology

T. Ozeki and T. Haneda (Japan)


Internet, Scale free Network, Routing Algorithm, Complexity, Dijkstra Algorithm, Traffic Engineering


: It has been our dream that efficient protocols suitable for the future Internet should be developed by considering magical characteristics of scale-free Internet. In this paper, we summarize the nonlinear Barabasi-Albert model and topological structure as the basis of discussion. Then, a novel routing algorithm using scale-free Internet topology is proposed. The complexity of the novel routing algorithm is estimated to be order of , which is much smaller than that of the Dijkstra algorithm ~ . Here N number of nodes and is the diameter of the scale-free Internet. It is also shown that this routing algorithm provides the potential abilities for various traffic engineering, and is stubborn for the intentional network attack. This novel routing algorithm with smaller complexity makes it possible to realize source routing coupled with label switching. NN log 2N Nlog

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