Performance Evaluation of Combined Buffering and Deflection Routing in Hierarchical Ring Interconnection Networks

A.B. Mnaouer and H.T.H. Chuan (Singapore)


Hierarchical Ring Interconnection Networks, Deflection Routing, Performance Evaluation, Modeling and Simula tion.


Buffering and Deflection routing are two methods com monly used in resolving packet contention in the crossbar switches between levels in a hierarchical ring interconnec tion networks. However, each method is limited in its own way. To improve the performance of these systems, we propose a new hybrid routing algorithm which uses both buffering and deflection. Our extensive simulation results show that this combined protocol provides better perfor mance than its pure counterparts for both two-levels (H2) and three-levels (H3) ring networks. Our proposed com bined scheme was able to achieve lower latency and to sup port a higher traffic load, which makes it the protocol of choice for resolving packet contention in ring networks.

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