TCP Congestion Window Control on an ISCSI Read Access in a Long-Latency Environment

M. Toyoda, S. Yamaguchi, and M. Oguchi (Japan)


iSCSI, Congestion Window Control, Remote Storage


As the broadband networks are widely used, IP-SAN is expected as the next generation’s SAN because of its low cost. The iSCSI protocol, represented as IP-SAN technol ogy, is becoming increasingly important. However, the per formance of iSCSI network is lower than that of network based only on TCP/IP, due to its complex protocol process ing in accessing storage with iSCSI. In this paper, we present performance improvement us ing a dynamic Congestion Window control method to sta bilize throughput unevenness. We evaluated iSCSI network performance with a remote storage access on iSCSI proto col using the proposed method. As a result, iSCSI perfor mance improved compare with the case of not using the proposed method in a long-latency environment, and we confirmed the proposed method is effective.

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