Hierarchical Inter-Domain Management for Networks with Condo-Switches

G.v. Bochmann (Canada)


Inter-domain routing, user-controlled lightpath provisioning, optical networks, condo-switches


This paper presents a hierarchical approach to inter domain routing and network management, especially intended for user-controlled lightpath provisioning (UCLP). The structuring of networks into subnetworks at several levels of the hierarchy provides an architecture for distributed processing of network management functions that is very scalable. Each network, as well as each subnetwork, represents an autonomous domain that communicates with its peer, child and parent networks through standard interfaces. A special feature of the architecture is the natural integration of condo-switches, that are switches with ports that belong to different networks, i.e. to different administrative domains. The paper gives the definition of the hierarchical inter-domain architecture with condo-switches and discusses procedures for routing and connection establishment within this structure. It is important to note that the internal structure of a given network (in terms of the interconnections between the internal subnetworks or the point-to-point links) remains hidden; only the list of subnetworks is normally available.

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