Optical Orthogonal Code Acquisition CDMA Systems via Multiple-Stage Multiple-Shift Search Method

H. Eslami (USA) and M. Abtahi (Iran)


: Code Division Multiple-Access (CDMA), Optical CDMA, Optical Orthogonal Code (OOC), Code Acquisition.


In this paper a new method for code acquisition of Optical Orthogonal Codes (OOC) in optical Code Division Multiple-Access (CDMA) systems is presented. In this method, multiple-shift algorithm is used in multiple stages in order to reduce the mean required acquisition time. The performance of method is evaluated generally using Markov Chain model for a system with n stages. We show that the mean acquisition time in this method is proportional to the root of code length, while it is proportional to half and square root of code length in simple serial search and multiple-shift methods, respectively.

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