Optical Communications Systems and Networks    (OCSN 2005)

July 19 – 21, 2005
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Editor(s): A.O. Fapojuwo
150 pages
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Track Optical Systems and Components I FreeSubscription
473-005 Transient Effects in MEMS-Switched All-Optical Networks with EDFAs
R.S. Wolff and S. Achar (USA)
473-006 Optical Mode Field Measurement of Single Mode Components by New Medianfield-Method
T. Windel and U.H.P. Fischer (Germany)
473-009 A Novel Optical Communication Technique by using an In-Line Acousto-Optic Fiber Phase Modulator
Y. Dong and R.S. Wolff (USA)
473-011 Optical Orthogonal Code Acquisition CDMA Systems via Multiple-Stage Multiple-Shift Search Method
H. Eslami (USA) and M. Abtahi (Iran)
473-021 Overcoming the Driver Cost in Extreme Short Range Optical Interconnect
T. Courtney and F. Chevalier (UK)
473-025 Radio-over-Fiber System using Arrayed-Waveguide-Grating Router-based Optical CDMA with Modified Prime Code
J.-F. Huang, C.-T. Yen, and C.-C. Yang (Taiwan)
473-026 Nonlinear Distortion in Directly Modulated Semiconductor Lasers Subject to External Optical Injection
S.-K. Hwang, J.-M. Tian, and C.-F. Lin (Taiwan)
473-033 Spectrum-Sliced Source Noise Reduction using a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
D. Forsyth, I. Evans, and M.J. Connelly (Ireland)
473-047 ARROW-based Coherently Coupled Bending Waveguides
M.-J. Tsai, S.-H. Hsu, Y.-T. Huang, and C.-M. Kwei (Taiwan)
Track WDM Networks and Systems FreeSubscription
473-012 Service Restorability in Degree-based Wavelength Division Multiplexing Networks
R.K. Ravalkol and D.R. Thompson (USA)
473-015 New Wavelength Monitoring Method using Phase Detection
K. Park and J. Eom (Korea)
473-038 Wavelength Assignment for Light-Tree Protection in WDM Optical Networks
L. Kong, L. Li, J.S. Deogun, and S.D. Scott (USA)
473-039 Heuristics for Maximizing OEO Sharing in WDM Mesh Networks with Path-based Projection
K. Wang, H.S. Hamza, and J.S. Deogun (USA)
473-046 Adaptive Link Weight Assignment and Random Early Blocking Algorithm for Dynamic Routing in WDM Networks
C.-L. Chang, Y.-Y. Lee, and S.S.W. Lee (Taiwan)
473-052 On the Routing and Wavelength Assignment with Inaccurate Network State Information in Wavelength-Routed Networks
M.-A. Park, J.P. Jue, and K. Lu (USA)
Track Optical Technologies FreeSubscription
473-014 Analysis of Picosecond Pulse Propagation Dynamics in Optical Fibers using Time-Frequency Signal Representations
J. AzaƱa (Canada)
473-018 Incoherent Hybrid Spectral Amplitude and Polarization Coding Implemented over Differential Photo-Detectors
Y.-T. Chang and J.-F. Huang (Taiwan)
473-019 Temperature-Insensitive Arrayed-Waveguide Gratings based on ARROW Structures
K.-Z. Lin, S.-H. Hsu, and Y.-T. Huang (Taiwan)
473-027 Integrated Planar Waveguide Concave Gratings for High Density WDM Systems
C.-T. Lin, Y.-T. Huang, J.-Y. Huang, and H.-H. Lin (Taiwan)
473-031 Design and Implementation for a Smartly Generated Prime Code Multiplexing System
Y.-H. Lee, R.-H. Wu, S.-W. Tzeng, Y.-G. Jan, L.-L. Jau, M.-H. Chuang, J.-Y. Lin, and Z.-C. Wang (Taiwan)
473-051 Importance of Linear and Nonlinear Phase for Efficient Four Wave Mixing in Optical Fibers
D. Ramaswamy and V. Ramarao (India)
Track Optical Systems and Components II FreeSubscription
473-013 Design and Performance Analysis of Large Capacity Sharable Optical CDMA Encoder/Decoder with Minimized Implementing Hardware
S. Shin, Y. Bai, and S. Lee (Korea)
473-016 A Novel Scheme for Supporting QoS in Optical Burst Switching Networks
W. Zheng, N. He, and X. Wen (PRC)
473-022 A Domain-based Resource Reservation Protocol for Optical Burst Switching Networks
B. Shihada and P.-H. Ho (Canada)
473-024 A Proportional Differentiated Services Scheme for Optical Burst Switching Networks
P. Du and S. Abe (Japan)
473-034 Using Network Load and Traffic Load Balancing for an Efficient Deflection Routing Scheme
T. Coutelen, B. Jaumard, A. Metnani, and H. Elbiaze (Canada)
473-800 A Lexicographically Optimized Routing Algorithm for All-Optical Networks
W. Lin and R.S. Wolff (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Optical Systems and Components; WDM Networks and Systems; and Optical Technologies.

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