Radio-over-Fiber System using Arrayed-Waveguide-Grating Router-based Optical CDMA with Modified Prime Code

J.-F. Huang, C.-T. Yen, and C.-C. Yang (Taiwan)


Radio-over-Fiber (ROF), Optical Code-Division Multiple-Access (OCDMA), Modified Prime Codes (MPCs), Arrayed-Waveguide Grating (AWG) router.


Optical code-division multiple-access (OCDMA) network for the radio-over-fiber (ROF) transmissions is proposed. The network encoder/decoders (codecs) are structured on the basis of arrayed-waveguide-grating (AWG) routers coded with modified prime codes (MPCs). In the proposed system, it shows that the lower in-phase cross correlation can reduce the beating noises, and we compare its performance with that of the conventional system where using the M-sequence and Hadamard codes. Performances are numerically evaluated with the effect of phase-induced-intensity-noise (PIIN). It showed that the new code families can suppress the intensity noise effectively and improve the system performance. By the proposed MPC-coded OCDMA network codecs, each network user requires only two AWG routers to accomplish spectral coding and decoding, thus, resulting in a simpler and lower cost system. It is possible to accomplish interference- and crosstalk-free optical CDMA system for ROF transmissions.

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