ARROW-based Coherently Coupled Bending Waveguides

M.-J. Tsai, S.-H. Hsu, Y.-T. Huang, and C.-M. Kwei (Taiwan)


antiresonant re ecting optical waveguides, bending waveg uides, coherent coupling, integrated optics, passive compo nents.


Coherently coupled bending waveguides based on antireso nant re ecting optical waveguide (ARROW) structures are investigated. The ARROW structure can provide low-loss single-mode propagation with a relatively large core size for ef cient connection to single-mode bers. The exi ble structural parameters of rib ARROW waveguides offer the possibility of optimization for various design consider ations. For the total bending angles of 27:2 a nd 91:2 , the simulated system transmission ef ciencies are 0:82 and 2:15 dB respectively. The corresponding device sizes are less than 10 mm2 .

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