Heuristics for Maximizing OEO Sharing in WDM Mesh Networks with Path-based Projection

K. Wang, H.S. Hamza, and J.S. Deogun (USA)


WDM Mesh Networks, Path-based Protection, RWA Prob lem, OEO Regenerators.


In this paper, we address the problem of routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) in path-protected WDM networks with the objective of maximizing the sharing chances of wavelength links and optical-electronic-optical regenerators (OEOs) between demands, and hence, mini mize the overall cost of the network. Both a Tabu Search and a Genetic Algorithm heuristics are proposed and their performance is experimentally evaluated through extensive simulation. Our simulation results confirm an average of 30% reduction in the number of OEOs compared to that re quired with the well-known shared-path protection scheme.

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