On the Routing and Wavelength Assignment with Inaccurate Network State Information in Wavelength-Routed Networks

M.-A. Park, J.P. Jue, and K. Lu (USA)


Dynamic RWA, inaccurate network state information


In a lightpath-based wavelength-routed network with a dis tributed control architecture, it is inevitable for nodes to have inaccurate network state information, especially when traffic is dynamic. In this paper, we study the impact of im precise network state information on dynamic routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) in wavelength-routed net works without wavelength conversion. We evaluate exist ing techniques in the case of inaccurate network state infor mation and propose two techniques to improve the overall blocking performance and reduce control overhead. Ex tensive simulation results with various underlying topolo gies show that the proposed techniques can significantly improve the overall blocking performance and reduce con trol overhead when there exists imprecise network state in formation.

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