Temperature-Insensitive Arrayed-Waveguide Gratings based on ARROW Structures

K.-Z. Lin, S.-H. Hsu, and Y.-T. Huang (Taiwan)


arrayed-waveguide grating, antiresonant re ecting optical waveguides, integrated optics, wavelength division multi plexing, temperature variation.


The in uence of temperature variation on the performance of arrayed-waveguide gratings (AWG) based on antireso nant re ecting optical waveguide (ARROW) structures is discussed. The ARROW structure can provide low-loss single-mode propagation with a relatively large core size for ef cient connection to single-mode bers. By intro ducing an overlay with an opposite temperature coef cient to the original waveguide structure, the temperature de pendence on AWG performance can be reduced. Design of temperature-insensitive ARROW-based AWG devices is analyzed, and the channel passband shift of the proposed structure can be lowered to 0.002 nm/K.

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