A Novel Scheme for Supporting QoS in Optical Burst Switching Networks

W. Zheng, N. He, and X. Wen (PRC)


Optical Burst Switching, offset time, priority, quality of service


A novel scheme for supporting quality of service (QoS) in Optical Burst Switching networks is proposed. Our scheme adopts the Low Priority Burst Dropping Directly mechanism instead of the offset-time-based scheme, therefore large end-to-end delay due to the extra offset time in the offset-time-based scheme can be avoided. By using Burst Segmentation technique and the Latest Available Unscheduled Channel with Void Filling (LAUC-VF) algorithm, the limitation of Low Priority Burst Dropping Directly mechanism can be remedied and the performance of OBS networks can be improved. The corresponding simulation model is established. The proposed scheme with and without FDLs, and other different schemes are all simulated and compared. The results of simulation show that by adopting the proposed scheme, the performance of network can be improved in QoS guarantee.

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