A Domain-based Resource Reservation Protocol for Optical Burst Switching Networks

B. Shihada and P.-H. Ho (Canada)


Optical Burst Switching, Domain, Blocking Probability, Nodal Processing Time, and QoS.


The future optical Internet based on the Optical Burst Switching (OBS) technology is expected to provision ultra-dynamic bandwidth for multi-custom applications. Data bursts with variable lengths are delivered in the underlying optical layer based on an asynchronous operation mode. Under the framework of OBS routing and signaling, a novel protocol called Domain-based Resource Reservation Protocol (DRRP) is proposed. The proposed scheme partitions the OBS core network into multiple domains, each maintaining its local resource availability and routing information. A compromise is initiated between the throughput and the delay due to nodal processing by jointly considering Fixed Path Routing (FPR) and Hop-by-Hop Routing (HHR) in the inter- and intra domain path selection. Extensive simulations show that the proposed approach have improved the overall network throughput and reduced the average blocking probability thus reduces the retransmission delay.

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