A Lexicographically Optimized Routing Algorithm for All-Optical Networks

W. Lin and R.S. Wolff (USA)


: Fiber optics and optical communications; Networks RWA algorithms, Lexicographical optimization.


: In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a new adaptive routing algorithm based on lexicographical optimization applicable to all-optical multi-wavelength networks. Such an algorithm appeared in [1] for IP packet routing. But because of its time complexity and the peculiarities of all-optical networks, we can’t apply it directly in all-optical networks. Here we develop a new approach that addresses routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) under conditions where the signal is optical end-to-end, with no wavelength conversion. The algorithm is particularly designed to enable highly dynamic RWA anticipated in burst-mode and customer controlled networks. We also anticipate the need to constrain end-to-end routing based on other factors including link performance, transient effects in switches and amplifiers, and other physical layer factors.

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