The Role of Teachers in Editing and Authoring Units of Learning Using IMS Learning Design

D. Griffths and J. Blat


Learning Design, Unit of Learning, authoring, pedagogy, template, patterns


The UNFOLD project, funded by the European Commission, runs a Community of Practice for Teachers and Learning Providers that has examined the way in which teachers can work with the IMS Learning Design Specification. The results of this work are presented. Relevant aspects of the specification are discussed, in particular the design process as it is set out in the Best Practice Guide. Two main challenges are identified and the approaches taken to address them described: a) how to enable teachers to participate in the initial design stages, and b) ways of representing Learning Design to teachers. The role of design primitives, patterns, taxonomies, and templates is outlined, and interface issues for tool design are explored. A short description is provided of some key projects in the area, including ACETS, DialogPlus, 8LEM, MOT+ and LAMS.

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