An Adaptive Active Rule System for Automatic Service Discovery and Cooperation

S. Kurabayashi and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)


Database Design and Architecture, Database Tools and Software, Active Database, Rapid Application Develop ment


By providing an appropriate mechanism for the seamless cooperation of data discovery and application logic in the fast-evolving ad-hoc/P2P networks, we can significantly facilitate the development of a wide range of reactive ap plications in this dynamic context. In recent years, in creasing amount of data sources and requirement of com plicated logic make it difficult to implement reactive sys tems by hard-coded applications. A challenging issue to ward above objectives is to achieve high-level portability and reusability of reactive components in the dynamic context. In this paper, we propose a new system architec ture of active database including a media-independent active rule processing mechanism, which significantly improves both productivity and throughput performance of reactive systems. By applying our system architecture, developers can rapidly design and implement diversified reactive applications by assembling modular and extensi ble active rules. We have developed a holistic rule opti mizer for sharing the work among multiple concurrently running rules. We report our experimental results to show the effectiveness of our approach.

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