Database and Applications    (DBA 2006)

February 13 – 15, 2006
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): M.H. HAMZA
242 pages
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Track Database Tools and Software FreeSubscription
503-004 Gathering Unstructured Workflow Data into Relational Database Model using Process Definition Language
A. Pourabdollah (UK) and M. Hartley (Malaysia)
503-029 Application of Snapshot Isolation Protocol to Concurrent Processing of Long Transactions
Y. Yang and J.R. Getta (Australia)
503-040 Complex Model-Defined Constraints for Database Access with the Entity Container
G. Schmoelzer, C. Kreiner, Z. Kovács, E. Teiniker, and R. Weiss (Austria)
503-045 Generating and Handling of Differential Data in Datapile-Oriented Systems
D. Obdrazalek and J. Kulhanek (Czech Republic)
503-057 Automated Profile Mapping
J. Groppe and S. Groppe (Austria)
503-063 An Approach to the Benchmark Development for Data Exchange Tools
T. Okawara, A. Morishima, and S. Sugimoto (Japan)
503-812 Maintainability Assessment of an Enhanced Object-Oriented Approach for Wrapping Stored Procedures
Ó.N. Mortágua Pereria and J.M.H. de Sousa Pinto (Portugal)
Track Data Mining and Warehousing FreeSubscription
503-016 An Annotation Method for Sensor Data Streams based on Statistical Patterns
A. Takasu and K. Aihara (Japan)
503-019 Efficient Stream Sequence Matching Algorithms for Handheld Devices on Time-Series Stream Data
Y.-S. Moon (Korea)
503-022 Estimating Querying and Maintenance Costs for Restructuring Data Cubes
J. Loureiro and O. Belo (Portugal)
503-026 Efficient Content Location Algorithm for Content Distribution Networks based on Distributed Construction of Search Tree from Contents of Proximal Nodes
S. Shrestha, A. Kobayashi, K. Yamaoka, Y. Sakai, and N. Sonehara (Japan)
503-036 Simulated Annealing for Materialized View Selection in Data Warehousing Environment
R. Derakhshan (Australia), F. Dehne (Canada), O. Korn, and B. Stantic (Australia)
503-039 Clustering Analysis for Data Samples with Multiple Labels
A. Attik, S. Al Shehabi, and J.-C. Lamirel (France)
503-062 Clustering Quality Measures for Data Samples with Multiple Labels
M. Attik, S. Al Shehabi, and J.-C. Lamirel (France)
503-065 Automated Generalization of Fuzzy Concept Hierarchies for Attribute-Oriented Induction Purposes
J. Dolan and R.A. Angryk (USA)
503-075 Matrix Apriori: Speeding Up the Search for Frequent Patterns
J. Pavón, S. Viana (Brazil), and S. Gómez (Australia)
Track Database Design, Architecture, and Management Systems FreeSubscription
503-010 On the Global Coherence of Integrity Constraints in UML Class Diagrams
A. Ben Hadj Ali (Tunisia), F. Boufares (France), and A. Abdellatif (Tunisia)
503-017 Representation for Multiple Classified Data
M. Kuzunishi and T. Furukawa (Japan)
503-034 Towards Analyzing UML Class Diagram Models to Object-Relational Database Systems Transformations
E.S. Grant, R. Chennamaneni, and H. Raza (USA)
503-043 An Adaptive Active Rule System for Automatic Service Discovery and Cooperation
S. Kurabayashi and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)
503-064 MatBase Relational Import Subsystem
C. Mancas and S. Mancas (Romania)
Track Multimedia, Distributed and Temporal Databases FreeSubscription
503-003 Spatio-Temporal UML Methodology: Extending and Integrating Existing Object-Oriented Methods to Develop Spatio-Temporal Databases
M. Svinterikou (Greece) and P. Kanaroglou (Canada)
503-012 Implementing Database Replication Protocols based on O2PL in a Middleware Architecture
J.E. Armendáriz, J.R. Juárez, J.R. Garitagoitia, J.R. González de Mendívil, and F.D. Muñoz-Escoí (Spain)
503-044 An Implementation Method of a Heterogeneous Associative Media Data Search for Music Data and Image Data
T. Nakanishi and T. Kitagawa (Japan)
503-052 Architecture and Interface of Scalable Distributed Database System SD-SQL Server
W. Litwin, S. Sahri, T. Schwarz (France)
503-061 A Music Retrieval System Supporting Intuitive Visualization by the Color Sense of Tonality
S. Imai, S. Kurabayashi, A. Ijichi, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)
503-811 An Implementation Method of an Integrated Associative Search for Mathematical Expressions
S. Kishimoto, T. Nakanishi, M. Murakata, T. Otsuka, T. Sakurai, and T. Kitagawa (Japan)
503-815 Extensible Metadata Framework for Describing Virtual Reality and Multimedia Contents
K. Walczak, J. Chmielewski, M. Stawniak, and S. Strykowski (Poland)
Track Query Processing and Optimization FreeSubscription
503-023 Optimization of Query Processing through Constrained Vertical Partitioning of Relational Tables
Zhenjie Liu and J.R. Getta (Australia)
503-054 Conquering the Heterogeneity and Evolutionary Nature of XML Using XML Union Views
M. Krishnaprasad, Zhen-Hua Liu, D. Florescu, A. Manikutty, and J.W. Warner (USA)
503-072 Towards a New Visual Query Language for GIS
H.E. Elariss, S. Khaddaj (UK), and R. Haraty (Lebanon)
503-800 Quantizing Time Series for Efficient Subsequence Matching
I.F. Vega-López (Mexico) and B. Moon (USA)
503-806 GAGPC: Optimization of Multiple Continuous Queries on Data Streams
Y.-K. Suh, J.H. Son, and M.H. Kim (Korea)
503-808 Object-Oriented Programming with Recursive Queries
T. Pieciukiewicz, K. Stencel, and K. Subieta (Poland)
503-809 Supporting Stratum Access for Fuzzy Queries
S.-W. Hwang (Korea)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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This publication covers the following topics: Database Tools and Software; Data Mining and Warehousing; Database Design, Architecture, and Management Systems; Multimedia, Distributed and Temporal Databases; and Query Processing and Optimization.

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