MatBase Relational Import Subsystem

C. Mancas and S. Mancas (Romania)


Database Algorithms, Design and Architecture, Manage ment Systems 503-064


MatBase is a Knowledge and Database Management Sys tem based on the Elementary Mathematical Data Model (EMDM). Its relational import subsystem provides users with the ability to incorporate databases from IBM DB/2, Oracle, or MS SQL Server and Access RDBMS. During import, besides copying table schemes and data, corres ponding EMDM scheme and entity-relationship diagram (E-RD) are generated too and a design checking is also performed, including keys, references integrity, and exis tence constraints, as well as optional E-RD closed loops signalization. Checking is done according to MatBase hi gher relational standards: for example, every table should have an autonumber primary key, at least another (seman tic) key and a not-null column, all keys should be mini mally one-to-one, whereas all foreign keys should refe rence primary keys. Whenever this is possible, design flaws are automatically corrected; when not, they are only logged into MatBase system tables. The paper focuses on the two linear translation algorithms from the relational data model (RDM) to EMDM and ERDM that are reverse conceptual engineering tools reconstructing object-orien ted mathematical semantics and visual structuring respec tively from relational syntax. As an example, these algo rithms are applied to a RDM domain-key normal form meta-catalog database.

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