An Implementation Method of an Integrated Associative Search for Mathematical Expressions

S. Kishimoto, T. Nakanishi, M. Murakata, T. Otsuka, T. Sakurai, and T. Kitagawa (Japan)


Mathematical expression, Similarity expression search, Se mantic associative search, Integrated associative search, Mathematical model of meaning


In this paper, we propose an implementation method of an integrated associative search for mathematical expressions. A large amount of information resources for technology and science field have been distributed in wide area net works. In order to realize a media data search for technol ogy and science field corresponding to semantic contents, realization of the associative search method for mathemat ical expressions is important. This method consists of a similarity expression search function and a semantic asso ciative search function based on the mathematical model of meaning. The similarity expression search realizes a similarity retrieval by user’s queries given in some math ematical expressions or symbols. The semantic associa tive search realizes an associative retrieval by user’s queries given in some words for mathematical expressions char acterized by metadata represented in words corresponding to their features. This method can realize a multifaceted associative search for mathematical expressions by user’s queries which consist of words and mathematical expres sions. Applications of this work include some retrieval sys tems for technical report, academic paper, and libraries for numerical analysis.

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