Object-Oriented Programming with Recursive Queries

T. Pieciukiewicz, K. Stencel, and K. Subieta (Poland)


Database languages, Object-Oriented Databases


Recursive queries are required in many object-oriented database applications. Among them we can mention Bill Of-Material (BOM), stock market dependencies, various kinds of networks (transportation, telecommunication, etc.), processing semi-structured data (XML, RDF), and so on. The support for recursive queries in current query languages is limited. In this paper we present recursive query processing capabilities for object-oriented environments. They are a part of the Stack-Based Query Language (SBQL). SBQL offers powerful and flexible recursive querying capabilities due to the fact that recursive processing operators are fully orthogonal to other capabilities of this language. This paper discusses novel SBQL constructs, such as transitive closures, fixed point equations and recursive procedures/views. They are implemented within the OODBMS ODRA devoted to Web and grid applications.

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