Window of Opportunity or Point of Passage? Technology Participation

K.J. Breunig, K. Kongsvold (Norway)


Activity-based knowledge management, technology participation.


Our research indicates that technology facilitates knowledge sharing and knowledge creating activities between humans and between humans and tools, but only to a limited degree, because we are limited by the way we think of knowledge, technology and activities. We have concentrated on a certain type of technology, ICT, facilitating communication and knowledge connection and sharing between individuals. In this paper we address a limitation on the development and use of technology. When technological tools, services and methods are designed, the effect and choice of technology does not necessarily lead to better practice. We argue that there are constrains on mutual understanding of the development of technology, addressing the humanistic and technological approach to identify solutions to facilitate desired activity. We suggest that the development and use of technology must be seen as dialogic interacting activities. Our argumentation is that the organizational context and activities to a much greater extent should be involved in an earlier stage, the stage in which technological tools are being developed. Consequently, we introduce a conceptual framework, technology participation, as a way of an understanding of passage points for arenas of negotiation between the technology developer and the user.

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