Information and Knowledge Sharing    (IKS 2002)

November 18 – 20, 2002
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Editor(s): Marc. Boumedine
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Track Story Telling and Case Studies FreeSubscription
361-040 Knowledge, Networking and Innovation: Developing a Process Perspective
J. Swan, M. Robertson, and H. Scarbrough (UK)
361-061 Introducing Shared-knowledge Awareness
C.A. Collazos, L.A. Guerrero, J.A. Pino, and S.F. Ochoa (Chile)
361-090 Impacts of the Use of Information Technology in Supporting Remote Team Work: A Case Study
J.P. Albino (Brazil)
361-098 Storytelling and Knowledge Sharing on an Intranet
M. Bergquist and J. Ljungberg (Sweden)
Track Knowledge Management FreeSubscription
361-002 Knowledge Management in a Large Government Organization
J. Liebowitz (USA)
361-021 Transfer of Senior Employees' Competencies to Junior Employees
K.U. Koskinen (Finland)
361-027 Air Force Organizational Memory Information System: A Computer-mediated Communication Perspective
M.A. Grayson, D.P. Biros, M. Ward, and H. Chen (USA)
361-078 A Framework for Learning Model Innovation using Knowledge Engineering
G.A. Santana Torrellas (Mexico)
361-086 Effective Organizational Memory Sharing by a Process-linking Approach
C. Kadowaki and M. Shikida (Japan)
361-105 Window of Opportunity or Point of Passage? Technology Participation
K.J. Breunig, K. Kongsvold (Norway)
Track E-Learning and Distance Education FreeSubscription
361-022 Internet-based Services for E-learning Marketplaces
F. Bodendorf (Germany)
361-033 Doing Real-time E-teaching: The Peer-to-peer Approach of the Javaslides Prototype
A. Molinari and L. Colazzo (Italy)
361-052 E-Classrooms, Traditional Classrooms and Learning
J.D.E. Thomas (USA)
361-056 Coordinating Pilot Studies for Distributed earning Environments WITH Web-based Support Tools
J.E. Opgrande, B.M. Slator, A. Bergstrom, P. McClean, B. Vender, and A.R. White (USA)
361-097 Information and Knowledge Sharing in Higher Education Institutions using Internet Technologies
J.J.P.C. Rodrigues, M.M. Freire, and M.J. Barrulas (Portugal)
Track Information Retrieval and Extraction FreeSubscription
361-023 Associative Documents Discovering based on Document Contents and Users Behavior
I.-H. Meng, W.-C. Chen, and L.-P. Chang (Taiwan)
361-081 Query Reformulation in Collaborative Information Retrieval
A. Hust, S. Klink, M. Junker,and A. Dengel (Germany)
361-094 Log-based Chat Room Monitoring using Text Categorization: A Comparative Study
E.M. Elnahrawy (USA)
361-108 Inforadar-CL: A Cross-lingual Information Discovery Tool Exploiting Automatic Document Categorization
J.E. Valiente-Fernandez and B.J. Velez-Rivera (Puerto Rico)
361-113 Design of a Hybrid Search in the Online Knowledge Center
J. Kim, O. Balsoy, M. Pierce, and G. Fox (USA)
Track Social and Business Applications FreeSubscription
361-028 Knowledge Sharing and Component based Development: Exploring Subcultural Barriers
J.C. Huang, S. Newell, and R.D. Galliers (UK)
361-036 Customizable Portals for Knowledge Sharing
I.T. Hawryszkiewycz (Australia)
361-051 Users with Disabilities' Social and Economic Development Through Online Acess
N. Bowker and K. Tuffin (New Zealand)
361-064 Enabling Business Information and Knowledge Sharing
A. Salden and M. Kempen (The Netherlands)
361-066 A Toolset for Determining Social Networks on the Web
D. Helm, R. D’Amore, G. Valley, and M. Konchady (USA)
361-112 A Rule Warehouse System for Knowledge Sharing and Business Collaboration
Y. Liu, Y. Shi, H. Lam, S. Su, K. Pillalamarri, and M. Islamraja (USA)
Track Scientific Applications FreeSubscription
361-043 Supply Chain Management in the ERP Environment
R. Breite, J. Risikko, S.-T. Salkorinne, and H. Vanharanta (Finland)
361-048 Developing an Underground Infrastructure Management System using GPR, GPS and GIS
R. Baffour and A. Abatan (USA)
361-059 WebGISRCI: A Web-based GIS Road Closure Information System
D.A. Rutschman, H. Yu, E.U. Nzewi, and L. Wang (USA)
361-080 Building an On-line Community for Medical Research – From Grant Peer Review to Project Management
Z.N. Ma, Y.Y. Cai, L. Lee, and Y.L. Lim (Singapore)
361-118 Electronic Supply Chain Management in the Supplier Networks of the Automotive Industry: An Industry-specific Solution on Its Way to Becoming a European Standard
W. Sihn and F. Gehr (Germany)
Track Data Mining/Knowledge Discovery, Elicitation, and Representation FreeSubscription
361-050 Outer Context: A not yet Discovered Jewel for Document-based Information Mining
F. Schütz (Germany)
361-065 Checklists as a Tool for Collecting Experience Knowledge
J.K. Kokkoniemi (Finland)
361-072 A Concept Map-based Knowledge Modeling Approach to Expert Knowledge Sharing
J.W. Coffey, R.R. Hoffman, A.J. Cañas, and K.M. Ford (USA)
361-075 Mining Sequential Patterns WITHOUT ‘Apriori’ Candidate Generation
L. Harada, Y. Hotta, and R. Take (Japan)
361-083 On Knowledge Representation using an Elementary Mathematical Data Model
C. Mancaş (Romania)
361-099 Web Traffic Analysis
S. Naouali and M. Quafafou (France)
361-100 Knowledge-based Systems applied to Thematic Map Design
E. Pantaleão and C.R. Sluter (Brazil)
361-115 Theoretical Limitation for Parallelizing KDD based Algorithms for Data Mining and Proposal of an Alternative Approach
C. Rodríguez Lucatero (Mexico)
Track Interchange and Interoperability FreeSubscription
361-017 Electronic Commerce Management Implications from Autopoietic and Complexity Theories
A. Nelson, W.H.M. Nelson III (USA), and F. Maubourguet (France)
361-049 XML Information Retrieval Using SQL2Xquery
F.J. Cartujano Escobar, E.D. Espinosa, and R. Lozano (Mexico)
361-088 An XML-based Digital Document Distribution Framework
X. Shi, K. Maetzel, and E. Neuhold (Germany)
361-093 Interoperability Between Heterogeneous Data Sources: An XML Query based Approach
G. Nachouki and M. Quafafou (France)
361-102 An XML-based System for Message Creation, Delivery, and Control
G. Aydin, G.C. Fox, A. Kaplan, M. Pierce, A.E. Topcu, B. Yildiz, and O. Balsoy (USA)
361-800 Improving the Scalability of Peer-to-Peer Systems
R.C. Henderson and J.C. Kelly (USA)
Track Ontologies, Models, Agentsm, and Smart Networks FreeSubscription
361-073 Corporative Collaborative Architecture based on Agents, Simple, Scalable, and Easily Administrable
Á. Rodríguez Moreda, L. Utrera Molina, E. Abril Domingo, and M. Lόpez Coronado (Spain)
361-077 Building a Universal Teleworking Environment using Web Services
I. Braun and A. Schill (Germany)
361-079 Experiments with Cognitive Packet Networks
E. Gelenbe, R. Lent, A. Núñez, and Z. Xu (USA)
361-106 Wide-Area Query Execution in MOCHA
M. Rodríguez-Martínez (Puerto Rico) and N. Roussopoulos (USA)
361-119 View-centric Reasoning about Space-based Middleware
M.L. Smith, R.J. Parsons, and C.E. Hughes (USA)
361-121 Heuristic Method to Develop a Stock Index for the Mexican Stock Exchange
C.A. Coutiño, C.R. Lucatero, J.A. Torres, and L.A. Tavera (Mexico)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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This publication covers the following topics: Story Telling and Case Studies; Knowledge Management; e-Learning and Distance Education; Information Retrieval and Extraction; Social and Business Applications; Scientific Applications; Data Mining/Knowledge Discovery, Elicitation, and Representation; Interchange and Interoperability; and Ontologies, Models, Agents, and Smart Networks.

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