Knowledge Sharing and Component based Development: Exploring Subcultural Barriers

J.C. Huang, S. Newell, and R.D. Galliers (UK)


Organizational subcultures; Component Based Development (CBD); enterprisewide software; IS/IT implementation; knowledge sharing.


This paper presents an exploratory case study of the investment banking arm of a multinational banking corporation bank (Invebank) and its attempt to introduce Component-Based Development (CBD). Based on a logic of opposition and utilizing literature on organizational culture, and metaphors as an analytical device, issues confronting Invebank in CBD adoption are identified. In particular, problems in CBD implementation were encountered because, while CBD requires extensive knowledge sharing and collaboration, subcultural differences in Invebank meant that this proved difficult to enact. Thus, the paper considers the complexities of subcultural differences in firms and provides a salutary reminder that the implementation of corporate-wide integrative ‘solutions’ such as CBD, may be problematic.

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