Building an On-line Community for Medical Research – From Grant Peer Review to Project Management

Z.N. Ma, Y.Y. Cai, L. Lee, and Y.L. Lim (Singapore)


Web-enabled; medical information system; project management; SQL; ASP; peer review, research grant


The National Medical Research Council (NMRC) in Singapore provides research grant for medical research in the nation. The funding mechanism involves a number of labor-intensive and knowledge-intensive processes from proposal submission to peer review to progress monitoring, etc. The development of an integrated web based information system has enabled NMRC to streamline its peer review process in a more effective way. This information-enhanced solution makes the peer reviewing more efficient, objective and righteous. The system also provides a tool for monitoring research progresses and collecting outcomes at each research phase. Thus, proper utilization of research fund can be measured. In addition, resulted from the granted research a knowledge database has been built up. Therefore, both the practice of research funding management in NMRC and knowledge sharing in Singapore's medical research society are strengthened.

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