Developing an Underground Infrastructure Management System using GPR, GPS and GIS

R. Baffour and A. Abatan (USA)


GPR, GPS, GIS, Subsurface infrastructure.


A digital underground map of all facilities that supports efficient planning and construction of civil infrastructure is the key to minimizing the safety and cost concerns associated with locating underground utilities. An integrated map that shows the location of all pipes, cables, tanks, etc is needed to support the increasing demand to put most utilities infrastructure underground. This will not make the planning of construction project easy, but will improve the reliability, safety, cost effectiveness, and accuracy of the existing survey and excavation methods used to determine the locations of these utilities. This paper discusses the potential use of these advanced geospatial technologies to develop an integrated subsurface management system to support city planning and construction projects. The paper also discusses the role these technologies can play in providing the necessary information needed to support structural foundation planning and design.

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