Outer Context: A not yet Discovered Jewel for Document-based Information Mining

F. Schütz (Germany)


Information retrieval, Information Mining, KnowledgeEngineering, context, document-driven


Knowledge is power. But a large collection of facts still does not create knowledge. Many companies have an enormous amount of documents in which company knowledge is hidden, however cannot use it, since the correct document is not at the right place at the right time. Here techniques in the context of Knowledge Engineering will find a remedy. One statement of this work will be that the value of documents from a Knowledge Management point of view can be increased substantially with few simple concepts. The work will show, which sources of information today still remain infamously unused and demonstrate, how they can profitably be utilized. For this purpose the term outer context is introduced. First it will be shown, that this outer context is necessary for a correct interpretation of contents of a document though in this explicit way it is hardly used today. After having shown the need for explicit treatment of outer context, a framework for document-driven Knowledge Management is introduced, which in particular uses outer context.

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