Web Traffic Analysis

S. Naouali and M. Quafafou (France)


Data WareHouse, Web Usage Understanding System, Web Content Understanding System, Web Mining


The great popularity of the Word Wide Web (WWW), its fast development and the big variety of information resources available on the net, impose providing users with tools suited to find, extract, filter and estimate informations and resources answering their queries. Such tools play crucial roles for webmasters, network administrators, electronic commerce organizations and companies, etc., especially for following and analyzing the traffic of Internet users. These factors gave birth to the Web Mining that we can define as the discovery and the analysis of useful information available on the WWW. In this context, two main steps are well distinguished. The first point consists in structuring data in an understandable way by the user who needs to launch requests answering its interrogations. While the second point consists in the development of tools that allow extracting hidden knowledge that can affect user’s decision. In response to users need, we suggest the development of an OLAP (On Line analytical Processing) based approach that we called Web Understanding System which is devided in two aspects: Web Traffic Under standing System that is related to the traffic of the users on the Internet. And the Web Content Understanding System which is relative to the content of the web pages. We deal in this paper with the first aspect of the Web Usage under standing System. The full system power amounts in fact to 1) the capacity to administer great volumes of data, 2) the explicit support of dimensions, 3) numerous possibilities to aggregate information, 4) various ways to restructure information, and 5) the long variety of analytical operators. A data warehouse is built and provided with an interrogation language that covers the totality of typical features OLAP.

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