XML Information Retrieval Using SQL2Xquery

F.J. Cartujano Escobar, E.D. Espinosa, and R. Lozano (Mexico)


Information retrieval, Internet-based technologies, knowledge reuse, interchange and interoperability.


XML (eXtensible Markup Language) has recently emerged as the universal format to publish and interchange data on the World Wide Web. As a result, data sources, including relational databases, face a new requirement: users or applications wanting to deal directly with XML data instead of being forced to deal with formats and access protocols of a particular data source. This paper presents a scheme in which stored data in relational DBMS are exposed to the Web by an XML view. These XML views are queried by the user via SQL but processed by a XQuery motor (XQuery is a language used to inquire XML documents). This means that a tool is provided that allows transformation from a SQL expression to an equivalent expression in XQuery. The result is returned in XML format. This article mostly focuses on the analysis of making such transformation and presents a general algorithm for it.

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