Wide-Area Query Execution in MOCHA

M. Rodríguez-Martínez (Puerto Rico) and N. Roussopoulos (USA)


Database Middleware, MOCHA, Query Execution, CodeShipping.


This paper presents the query execution framework that we have developed for the MOCHA Distributed Database Middleware System. MOCHA is a novel middleware system designed for Wide-Area environments such as the Internet. The main contribution of MOCHA is the idea of query execution using a technique called code shipping. With this technique, the code that implements user-defined data processing operations is shipped to remote data sources, where it can be used to process the data and filter out unwanted items. This approach improves query response time by minimizing the volume of data that is transferred over the communications network. We present the architecture of MOCHA and the query execution framework that uses code shipping to reduce query response time.

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