M-ary Digital Modulation Signals Identification based on Fuzzy c-Mean Clustering and CMHD

Z. Zhao, Q. Gao, and C. Xu (PRC)


Modulation, classification, fuzzy clustering, and MargenauHill distribution


M-ary digital modulation signals, MPSK and MQAM, are widely used in communication. The cross Margenau-Hill distribution (CMHD) is used to extract the constellation characteristic of MPSK and MQAM signals. The fuzzy c-mean clustering method is used to classify the constellation diagram. The clustering concentration index and the inter-distance are presented to design optimal fuzzy c-mean clustering algorithm. Computer simulation results for QPSK,8PSK,16PSK and 8QAM, 16QAM,32QAM signals show that the correct identification ratio is higher than 80% when SNR higher than 5dB. The results verify the validity of the improved clustering algorithm in MPSK and MQAM modulations classification.

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