Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies    (WNET 2006)

July 3 – 5, 2006
Wireless and Optical Communication MultiConference
Editor(s): A.O. Fapojuwo
572 pages
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Track Wireless Systems Performance FreeSubscription
510-010 An Analysis of DoS Attacks on Wireless LAN
C. Liu and J.T. Yu (USA)
510-012 M-ary Digital Modulation Signals Identification based on Fuzzy c-Mean Clustering and CMHD
Z. Zhao, Q. Gao, and C. Xu (PRC)
510-014 Indoor Propagation Modeling at 2.4 GHz for IEEE 802.11 Networks
R. Akl, D. Tummala, and X. Li (USA)
510-016 A Scheme for Improved Delay and Frame Drop Probabilities in 802.11e Networks
D. Fokum and C. Beard (USA)
510-017 Performance Comparisons of Basic and RTS/CTS Access Methods in the IEEE 802.11 Protocol
C.G. Park, D.H. Han, and Y. Lee (Korea)
510-026 Behavior of the Symbol Error of Replica in the Canceller for VSAT Frequency Reuse Satellite Communications
H. Kobashi, M. Osato, T. Hara, M. Okada, and H. Yamamoto (Japan)
510-030 Evaluation of the Dynamic Reconfiguration of Mobile IPv4 Agents in MANET
G. Amvame-Nze (Brazil), C.J. Barenco Abbas (Venezuela), and L.J. García Villalba (Spain)
510-076 Reliability of Weight Metric based Clustering Models in Large Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
T.M. Rasheed, L. Reynaud, Y. Gourhant, and K. Al Agha (France)
510-080 A Watchdog Enhancement to IDS in MANET
C. Obimbo, L.M. Arboleda C., and Y. Chen (Canada)
510-804 Reliable Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
A. Dana, A.K. Zadeh, and S.H. Nasiri (Iran)
510-807 UWB Industrial Radio Channel Coherent Paths Statistics Derived from Measurements
J. Kunisch and J. Pamp (Germany)
510-809 Exploitation of Far-End Crosstalk in MIMO-OFDM Twisted Pair Transmission Systems
A. Ahrens and C. Lange (Germany)
Track Wireless Networks and Systems FreeSubscription
510-033 Fully-Integrated, Programmable, Polar-Modulated Class E Power Amplifier
J. Desai, I. Deligoz, S. Kiaei, and B. Bakkaloglu (USA)
510-042 Variance of the TOA Estimation for UWB Impulse Radio Systems
A. Chehri, P. Fortier, and P.-M. Tardif (Canada)
510-047 Multi-Size Multi-Stream FFT
L. Schwoerer, T. Bui, and E. Zielinski (Germany)
510-074 Inductorless Ultra Wideband (UWB) Amplifier Design with 0.18 μm MOSFET
K.D. Kim and H. Foltz (USA)
510-075 Event-Driven Enhanced Coverage for Sensor Networks
Dazhi Yang (Canada), D. Wang (USA), and J. Zhao (Canada)
510-077 Rapid Scatternet Topology Establishment of Bluetooth-Enabled Gateway
C.-M. Lin, C.-R. Dow, C.-C. Lai, and J.-C. Chiu (Taiwan)
510-808 A Wireless Computer Games and Video Entertainment System for the Aircraft Cabin Environment
D. Folden, T. Howard, T. Jackson, E. Julian, L. Junkert, D. Lopez, M. Panique, R. Tiensvold, M.J. Oudshoorn, and R.S. Wolff (USA)
Track Wireless Networking Protocols FreeSubscription
510-009 A Terrain based Routing Protocol for Sparse Ad-Hoc Intermittent Networking (TRAIN)
R.S. Wolff and G. Dawra (USA)
510-021 Distributed Cross-Layer QoS based on Node-Disjoint Multipath Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
X. Li and L. Cuthbert (UK)
510-035 Adaptive Route Control Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using On-Demand Routing Protocol
J. Lee, J.-S. Youn, and C.-H. Kang (Korea)
510-040 An Adaptive Data Broadcasting Scheme for Wireless Access
S.-T. Cheng, C.-Y. Wang, and C.-M. Chen (Taiwan)
510-043 Efficient Scheduling for Reducing Load in the IMS Presence Service
M.T. Alam and Z.D. Wu (Australia)
510-051 Improving 802.11 QoS in Heterogeneous Channels using an Adaptive Scheme
C. Wang and T. Lin (Taiwan)
510-069 A Role-Weighted Capacity Assignment Scheme in Bluetooth Scatternet
C.-M. Lin, C.-R. Dow, S.-P. Lin, and J.-C. Chiu (Taiwan)
510-072 A Simple Reliable Transport Protocol in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
J.-S. Youn, J. Lee, S.-J. Seok, and C.-H. Kang (Korea)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This multi-conference was published as ONE proceeding and includes the following conferences: - Communication Systems and Applications (CSA 2006), Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies (WNET 2006), Optical Communication Systems and Networks (OCSN 2006), and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN 2006). This particular conference covers the following topics: Wireless Systems Performance; Wireless Networks and Systems; and Wireless Networking Protocols.

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