Performance Comparisons of Basic and RTS/CTS Access Methods in the IEEE 802.11 Protocol

C.G. Park, D.H. Han, and Y. Lee (Korea)


IEEE 802.11, WLAN, RTS/CTS, MAC Delay


In recent year, the popularity of WLAN(Wireless Local Area Network) has generated much interests on perfor mance improvement and analysis of the IEEE 802.11 pro tocol. In this paper, we analyze two medium access meth ods of the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol by investigating the MAC layer packet service times when arrival packet sizes have a general probability distribution. We use the M/G/1/K queueing model to investigate the performance of IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol in wireless LAN. We compare the performance of Basic method with that of RTS/CTS method. We take some numerical examples for the sys tem throughput and the queue dynamics including the mean packet delay and packet blocking probability.

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