An Analysis of DoS Attacks on Wireless LAN

C. Liu and J.T. Yu (USA)


WLAN, DoS, VoIP, 802.11i, 802.11w


The growing popularity of the 802.11-based Wireless LAN also increases its risk of security attacks. In this research, we classify security attacks on WLAN as crypto attacks and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Crypto attacks can be effectively resolved with the implementation of the new 802.11i standard. However, 802.11i does not protect WLANs against DoS attacks. Currently, there are few publications with experimental data of DoS attacks on WLANs, and there are no standard solutions to address this issue either. This paper presents a thorough analysis with experimental data of DoS attacks on WLANs, along with the solutions to address some of those attacks. Another contribution of this paper is an experimental framework to emulate the attacking process and to quantify its effects on data integrity, application performance, and end-user experience. A summary of open issues and directions for future research are also provided in this paper.

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