Inductorless Ultra Wideband (UWB) Amplifier Design with 0.18 μm MOSFET

K.D. Kim and H. Foltz (USA)


UWB amplifier, inductorless, RF CMOS, Pad capacitance, noise figure, feedback


New amplifier designs using 0.18 µm MOSFETs for UWB are presented. A multi-stage cascoded design with feedback topology is used to meet UWB requirements. Simulation results show that a 3 dB bandwidth is achieved from 3.1 GHz to 9.9 GHz with minimum 9.6 dB transducer gain at 10.6 GHz and approximate total power consumption is 105 mWatts. The source and load impedances were 50 ohms. Also, the number of capacitors and resistors has been minimized. We compared inductor and inductorless designs. To improve Noise Figure, different feedback topologies are introduced and compared with the previous designs.

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