A Terrain based Routing Protocol for Sparse Ad-Hoc Intermittent Networking (TRAIN)

R.S. Wolff and G. Dawra (USA)


Ad hoc networks, wireless networks, MANETS, routing, location awareness


We propose and investigate a new approach of terrain and location based routing (TRAIN) designed to improve performance for sparse ad hoc networks where relatively large node separations and terrain blockage can result in periods of intermittent connectivity. Building on DSR, we developed a procedure where a mobile node, through use of terrain and location data, can determine whether there is line of sight (LOS) to another node. Knowledge of trajectories is combined with terrain information to forecast link conditions. Performance assessment was conducted by simulation using OPNET Modeler TM 10.5. Our results show that TRAIN can improve throughput relative to unmodified DSR by as much as a factor of two when path blockage occurs.

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