Adaptive Route Control Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using On-Demand Routing Protocol

J. Lee, J.-S. Youn, and C.-H. Kang (Korea)


Adhoc routing, Route control, performance, Ondemand routing, Promiscuous mode


In existing on-demand routing protocols used in ad hoc networks, a source node unnecessarily re-discovers the whole route path when just one node moves, even if the rest of path needs not to be re-arranged. In existing on demand routing protocols, the generated paths cannot dynamically adapt to the change of network topology even if another route with less hop is available. Routing efficiency affects network performance and lifetime. In this paper, we propose an adaptive route control (ARC) scheme that can actively adapt to network topology change due to node mobility. Each node monitors its active neighboring information and tries to meet the situation when a better local link is available. We evaluate the proposed ARC scheme using analytical modeling and prove that the path available time of existing routing schemes can be significantly improved by the application of the proposed scheme.

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