A Simple Reliable Transport Protocol in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks

J.-S. Youn, J. Lee, S.-J. Seok, and C.-H. Kang (Korea)


Sensor networks, reliability and transport protocol.


In this paper, a reliable data transport scheme for a large scale wireless sensor networks (LS-WSNs) in large-scale field is presented. The proposed simple reliable transport protocol (SRTP) is an efficient packet delivery solution to provide a reliable data delivery service over long path between a source and a sink under LS-WSNs in which there are network congestion or frequent error rate of wireless channel. So, we propose the multi-split connections called the virtual end-to-end model to mange data loss efficiently for reliable data delivery. Based on the virtual end-to-end model, the SRTP locally performs both local recovery and flow control mechanism with overhead. We evaluate the proposed SRTP method using simulation and prove that the data delivery ratio can be increased to at least 40% compared to that of TCP-like end-to-end approach.

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