Wideband Compact Monopole Antenna with EBG Reflector and Superstrate

R.W. Davies and I.L. Morrow (UK)


FSS Periodic Structures EBG.


A wideband compact antenna operating at 9-12GHz is pre sented that offers directional radiation characteristics and high isolation from surrounding structures. A monopole antenna is set in a low profile cavity consisting of via-less electromagnetic bandgap reflectors and a closely coupled three layer frequency selective surface as a superstrate. The superstrate provides an electromagnetic shield outside of the antennas operating frequency and permits close integra tion with the antenna. The monopole source maintains its impedance match, and as a result increases its bandwidth, while being closely integrated with its enclosing surfaces due to the varied reflection phase exhibited by the reflec tors and superstrate. The procedure for design and optimi sation of the enclosing surfaces is given with measured and simulated results of performance.

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